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About Them

Kastelo House is Hospice Centre that provides continuing and palliative care for children from birth to eighteen years old. They use the UK definition of hospice care to describe the centre:

“Children’s hospice services help children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions who are not expected to reach adulthood, and their families, to deal with the emotional and physical challenges they face and to make the most of life. This care can be provided throughout the course of a child or young person’s life.”

The centre is located in São Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos. It is a pioneering project in Portugal, which encompasses all children with chronic pathology.

Portuguese children with these types of needs have not been covered by the National Health Service projects, they have been ignored and forgotten and hospitalised for long periods in Pediatric Services, compromising the family bond and the child’s own development, causing, sometimes, family disruption due to the social situation.

The Porto Hospital Center provided a house, which was then adapted to the needs of children who require continued and palliative care. It aims to provide these children a place where they can have a quality of life and dream like any other healthy child. It is a place full of color and happiness where hope remains.

You can find more information about Kastelo in their website or their Facebook page.

A Visit to Kastelo House

On Friday, 1 March Becky and I were lucky enough to be invited to visit Kastelo House and see the wonderful work they do firsthand. It is an amazing place built in an old Quinta in the middle of the city. They use the old farm buildings mostly for Administration and a new building has been purpose built to take care of the children and handle their special needs.

During the tour we saw their lovely garden which has plenty of room for the children to spend time in and enjoy during nice weather. There is also space for families to visit, a memorial garden, a vegetable garden and an indoor play area so the children can spend time playing no matter the weather.

What you can do to help

Running a facility like Kastelo House takes a lot of work and a lot of money. They only get minimal support from the goverment so are always looking for donations. However, donating money is not the only way you can help Kastelo. You can also volunteer your time. They need help with a variety of things such as:

  • Maintenance of the buildings etc
  • Painting of buildings inside and out
  • Creation of murals for the children to enjoy
  • Donation of items needed by the children and the organisation
  • Spending time taking the children outside in the garden during the warmer weather

For further information on how you can help please contact Becky or me directly

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